House call grooming is a specialized service where the pet spa comes to you!  After getting to know you and your fur baby, I bring my pet grooming equipment into your home. I use an agreed upon space to groom your pet in her own environment.  I clean up any mess created in the process, and leave with your space and your pet both cleaner and happier!


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What’s so great about having your pet groomed in the comfort of your home?

  • Less stress for you! You can watch your pet be groomed from start to finish and know they are cared for by getting to know me, your groomer, in the process.
  • Less stress for your pet! No travel, no cages, no unusual sounds or smells, and the same familiar groomer every time.
  • Safer and healthier environment! There is no exposure to other pets, no barking dogs, no risk of fleas, and all equipment is cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected between every pet!
  • With more one on one time, I can give your pet the very best care!


 If that all sounds good to you,

call or text me at (314) 827-1151!